Small Business Grants:

Everyday State and Federal Government offices loan, grant, and assign millions of dollars worth of contracts, services, grants and direct payments to small business. In fact, every year over 1,000,000 businesses get money from the government. These winning business owners researched one or more of the 9,000 government business grants, loans and help programs available right now to US based business. They applied and won their share of the government money available and you can too.

In fact, the most successful American companies have also jumped on the free business grants and government loans bandwagon including: Home Depot, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, America Online, Outback Steakhouse, Nike and Callaway Golf!  They all received government money in the form of government business grants, government loan guarantees, government business loans, direct government payments or fat juicy government business contracts!


Lesko’s Free Government Money Club  Businesses cover all this and so much more!

Getting Business Grants And Loans Is easy With the Money Club which include the sources for:

  • Government Grants For Business
  • Government Business Contracts
  • Government Loan Guarantees
  • Expert government help and assistance for business


Why is Lesko’s Free Government Money Club Better Than Any Other Government Grants Book or download?…

fedfind_a1) They focus only on practical programs for starting a business and expanding a business, and not a lot of useless programs like studying geese in Antarctica… which is pretty much what you’ll get from one of those “membership” download sites or software peddlers.

2) Lesko’s Money Club also show you how to get other money (Not business grants) that is just as good, or even better than grants like:

  • – loans you “Don’t Have To Pay Back”,
  • – Non Business Grants: free money programs like “Direct Payments”, and
  • – how to get $50,000 + of free government contracts to work at home,

3) Lesko’s Free Money Club is the only government money club that was written by a New York Times Best Selling Author
4) The Club contain thousands more “business only” sources than any other state or federal business grant book or download, and

As a member of the Money Club, you’ll learn where to get government money for projects like these businesses and many more:

$350,000 When The Banks Turn You Down
$150,000 With One-Page Application
$100,000 For Women Entrepreneurs
Your Rich Uncle Sam Will Co-Sign Your Loan
$10,000 For a New Sign For Your Store
$150,000 To Buy Real Estate
$20,000 In Business Grants For Each New Employee
$25,000 To Start A Day Care Center
$1,000 In Business Grants For a New Business Computer In Your Home
$10,000 Mom & Pop Small Business Grant
$10 Million Bond For Your Business
$35,000 For Low Income Entrepreneurs
Rent Discounts For Retailers
$2,100 When You Hire A New Employee
Free Tax Consulting
Free Confidential Business Counseling
$7,500 Business Grant For A New Storefront
$4 Million To Start A Business In New Jersey
$25,000 For Every Job You Create
$25,000 For Women To Start A Home Business
$1,000 Per Employee For Training
$75,000 To Create A Job In North Dakota
$250,000 In Business Grants To Start A Business In Certain Zip Codes
$10,000 For a Business With Less than 5 Employees
$1,000 Business Grant To Attend A Trade Show
$1.5 Million to Start A Business In A Small Town
$5,000 Business Grants For Teenagers To Start A Business
$1.8 Million To Start A Small Airline Business
$500,000 To Work On Your Invention
$300,000 For An Exporting Business
$782,000 To Buy A Ranch
$1 Million To Start A Business Overseas
$150,000 To Provide Child Care for Employees
$5,000 In Business Grants To Make Your Business Handicap Accessible
$3,000 To Hire An Employee From A Certain Zip Code
$10,000 To Purchase Art For Your Business
$6,250 To Provide Drug and Alcohol Treatment to Employees
$500,000 To Start A Tourist Attraction
$2,500 If You Hire A Teacher For the Summer
10 Years Tax Free Business
$5,000 For Employees’ Long Term Care
No Taxes For Web Hosting Businesses
$2,000 To Install A Sprinkler System

Start or expand your small business off right with government business grant, a small business loan or a fat government business contract! Learn how and where to get government grants, loan, loan guarantees, and government contracts. As well as how to get free management consulting help, free help to prepare a business plan, free help with your invention, free marketing help, free legal help, free technical help and even free tax help!


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