Government Grants for Women

Everyday State and Federal Government offices loan, grant, and assign millions of dollars worth of contracts, services and direct payments to women. Including:


  • 10 Billion Dollars To Start a Businesses by women
  • Free Money For Women To Start A Small Business When They’re Out of Work
  • $25,000 To Start A Home Based Business
  • $3 Million For Women With Low Income To Start A Business
  • Over $1 Billion To Work On Inventions and New Ideas
  • $15,000 For Entrepreneurs With Disabilities
  • Over 5,000 Government Sources of money and help for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Over 1 Billion dollars For Woman’s Education!
  • $300,000 From Venture Capital Angles Who Invest In Women Entrepreneurs !
  • $50,000.00 To help an ailing business!
  • $250,000 To Start A Day Care Center !
  • $75,000 If Your Business Is Hurt By Imports !
  • $10,000.00 To attain her business degree!
  • $30,000 To Start A Business In A Small Town !
  • $25,000 To Send Your Employees To Computer Classes
  • Billions available to train for a new job.


Where Does This “Women Only” Grant Money Come From?
The simple answer is YOU. For the most part these are your tax dollars at work. The Legislative branch of government passes laws that institute programs they think are important. They then tell the Executive branch to carry out the programs and collect the taxes to pay for them. The way to change a program is through the Legislative Branch. That is your elected representative, like your Congressman or Senator. Never yell at a government agency if you think a program is unfair and it should be changed. You will only frustrate yourself. Go through your elected official, as they are the people who make the laws that change the programs.

So, when you use these programs you are really getting your tax dollars back from the government.


Why is Lesko’s Government Money Club Better For Women Than Any Other Government Grant Book or download?…

1) The Government Money Club focuses only on the practical programs, and not a lot of useless programs like grants to study flood zones for hydroelectric projects… which is pretty much what you’ll get from one of those “membership” download sites or software peddlers.

2)  Lesko’s Club also shows you how to get other money (Not just government grants) that is just as good, or even better than government grants like:

  • – loans you “Don’t Have To Pay Back”,
  • – Non Grants: free money programs like “Direct Payments”, and
  • – how to get $50,000 + of free government contracts to work at home,

3) Lesko’s Government Money Club is the only government money resource written by a New York Times Best Selling Author
4) The Club contains contains thousands more “grants only” sources than any other state or federal women’s grant book, and
5) Along with 100’s of How To videos, members have access to a live librarian to help them find the right programs and free help with applications. Plus…

6) The Money Club is constantly updated to reflect  new programs and changes in old ones.

7) Members enjoy the iron clad satisfaction guarantee from Matthew Lesko.

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