Forget the stock market, precious metals or even trading cards, Invest in the one sure thing that is certainly a lot more profitable and will give you a lot more pleasure on a day-to-day basis than any other investment that you can think of … real estate.

Each year the government gives out $329 billion in over 4,000 different government grants and loan programs that you can use to:

Buy your first home,
Move up to a bigger home,
Make your current home nicer,
Pay your rent, security deposit or mortgage, or
Become a real estate investor


These programs come in all shapes and sizes and are in thousands of different agencies. But once you learn the system, you will see how you too, can tap into little-known government real estate grant programs where you can apply to get:

$6,000 for home closing costs
$7,000,000 to develop townhouses
$27,000 to makeover your bath and kitchen, or
$750,000 to buy a farm or ranch


Millions Are Eligible For Government Grants and Help But Fail To Apply

Over 12 million people a year are using government real estate programs, but there are still tens of millions more who are eligible and are not applying because they do not know that free real estate grants are available. I recently read an announcement from one government program that gives a $3,500 grant to families to fix up their home. The government estimates that 20 million people who are eligible for this money fail to apply. Are you one of these people? $3,500 is nothing to walk away from.

But you can’t apply if you don’t know about the program. Information is power. With the right information you can do the things you always wanted to do. You can solve those problems that are nagging at your life. But you have to know all your options. This is really a case of what you don’t know can hurt you.
Why borrow $20,000 from the bank at 5% or 6% interest to fix up your kitchen if you can use a free government grant program that will give you the money free or at 0% interest?

Why cancel your summer vacation because you need the money to paint your house when you can get a $7,000 home repair- real estate grant from a local government agency to paint your house?

Why give up your dream of buying a $1.5 million apartment building because every bank is laughing at you, when you can turn to a government office that will co-sign your bank loan for you to make sure you get the money?

Why continue to pay rent just because you live paycheck to paycheck and can’t come up with the down payment and closing costs, when there are programs from government offices and nonprofit organizations that will give you the down payment and closing costs for free.

Remember that with these 4,000 programs that give out free money for real estate, not one of them have money to advertise that they are giving this money away. The only government money program that advertises is the Lottery. Lotteries are really state government tax collection programs.


Where Does This Money Come From?

The simple answer is YOU. For the most part these are your tax dollars at work. The Legislative branch of government passes laws that institute programs they think are important. They then tell the Executive branch to carry out the programs and collect the taxes to pay for them. The way to change a program is through the Legislative Branch. That is your elected representative, like your Congressman or Senator. Never yell at a government agency if you think a program is unfair and it should be changed. You will only frustrate yourself. Go through your elected official, as they are the people who make the laws that change the programs.

So, when you use these programs you are really getting your tax dollars back from the government.


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Don’t Borrow When there is FREE Real Estate Grants to Help You Own The House Of Your Dreams!!!

You have a right to take advantage of every legitimate government housing grant and loan program that is available from the thousands of government agencies that will help you realize your housing needs. It’s your tax dollars that support these grant programs. You’re paying for them, so you should use them. There are free housing money programs for every income category and every situation. Most of them are for Middle class taxpayers just like you. There are even government programs where the government considers you disadvantaged if you have $750,000 in the bank.

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